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Scarce Winchester Powder Measuring Cups in .35 and .48 Grains

You almost never find these loose outside of an expensive boxed set of Winchester Reloading Tools. These are original brass Winchester Measuring Cups for reloading BLACK POWDER CARTRIDGES. They basically measure by volume so these are not for smokeless powder.

Item 1878

Original Winchester Cup for 35 grains in Very Good Condition. "35" stamped on the small brass handle. Looking in the Winchester catalog, I can find no black powder calibers that take a 35 grain load of powder but numerous loads that require 70 grains. Perhaps this was because Winchester didn't want to make a large measure and provided the smaller 35 grain cup that required two scoops of powder to equal one load. Perhaps a knowledgeable collector can chime in to verify this theory. So assuming this 35 grain cup x 2 scoops was provided for large calibers, here are the ones we found requiring 70 grains of black powder:

40-70 Patched 70 Grains
40-70 Winchester (A rare caliber in the Model 1886)  70 Grains
40-70 what cheer 70 Grains 
43 Egyptian 70 Grains
45 Govt 70 Grains
45 Gov't 405 Metal Patched Bullet 70 Grains
45 Govt 500 Grain Bullet 70 Grains
45 Govt 500 Grain Metal Patched Bullet 70 Grains
45-70-330 Hollow Ball (Gould Bullet) 70 Grains
45-70 Sharps Patched 70 Grains
45-70 Marlin 70 Grains
45 Van Choate 70 Grains
45 Romanian 70 Grains
50-70 Musket 70 Grains
58 Roberts 70 Grains
50 Sporting 70 Grains


44-105 Remington & Sharps Special 105 Grains (This would require three scoops from a 35 grain cup)

Item 1879

This one is a little large and marked for 48 grains of black powder. It is in Excellent Condition. Going back through an original Winchester catalog from 1907, we found 48 grains pertains almost exclusively to caliber 38-55 which was offered in the Winchester Model 1894 rifle and carbine as well as the Model 1885 Hiwall Rifle. Again, this was not intended for smokeless powder, black powder only.

38-55 metal patched




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