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Full Inventory Index 

Winchester, Rare 1870's Brass Bullet Mold in .44 WCF for 1st Model 1873 Rifle  
Winchester Mold for Sharps and Ballard Rifles in .40 Caliber  
Winchester Reloading Set w/ Rare 1st Model Scissor Handle Mold & 1875 Reloader  
Photograph of Man Holding Winchester 1873 Rifle in .22 Caliber w/ Cigar, Dog, and Guns  
Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine Ladder & Express Rear Sights for SRC's, Trappers, & Short Rifles  
Original Winchester Flat Top Low Semi-Buckhorn Rear Sights  
Winchester Model 1866 Bayonet, Near MINT!   Original Leather Holster for Colt SAA Revolver
Winchester 4 Piece Cleaning Rod for Winchester 1873 Rifle   Colt Thuer Derringer in .41 Rimfire
Winchester 1873 First Model Saddle Ring Carbine   Colt 1851 Navy Revolver ID'd to 3rd New York Cavalry
Winchester 1892 Rifle --RARE Special Order 30" Barrel--   Colt 1860 Army .44 Cylinder
Winchester Model 1892 Bore Reflector   Colt 1860 Army Replica by Western Arms Corp. -High Quality, Mint in Box-
Winchester 1882 Reloader in ,44 WCF with Decapping Pin   Colt 1851 Navy by Western Arms Corp  --MINT IN BOX w/ Paperwork--
Early Winchester Thick Base Vernier Tang Sight   Colt 1847 Walker by Uberti w/ Charcoal Blue
Winchester 1894 1st Model Rifle   Colt SAA Revolver in .45 COLT
Winchester 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine   Colt's Patent Bullet Model for 1849 Pocket Revolver
Old Repro Winchester 1866, 1873 3 Piece Cleaning rods for Carbines   Colt 1911 Original Diamond Checkered Grips
Winchester Model 1894 Special Order Semi-Deluxe Rifle --Antique--   Colt Model 1849 Revolver
    Colt New Line Revolver
Smith & Wesson
  Colt US Army Model 1892 DA Revolver --Combat Used in Philippines--
  Colt Model 1878 Double Action .44 Frontier Six Shooter Revolver
S&W 320 Revolving Rifle, Original Rear Sight, Minty NOS  
S&W 320 Revolving Rifle, Original Hammer, Minty NOS  
S&W .32 DA Revolver   WW2 Lancaster Heavy Bomber Sight
Smith and Wesson Second Model .38 Double Action Pocket Revolver  
S&W .38 DA Pocket Revolver --BLUED--  
S&W Special Order Blued .38 DA Revolver --ONE OF A KIND--  
Smith and Wesson Model One, 2nd Issue Revolver --MINTY--  
Early S&W .38 DA Blued Safety Hammerless Revolver  
Smith and Wesson 1-1/2 Revolver -- Near Mint Condition --  
Smith and Wesson No. 2 Army Revolver  
Smith and Wesson New Model No. 3 Revolver  
  WW1 US Army 3rd Division -Marked Helmet-
  Hunters Posing with Marlin 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine and Shotgun
  1874 US Army Cavalry Tactics Manual ID'd to 7th Mounted Infantry Officer Who Fought in 1876 Yellowstone Campaign in Montana
    Circa 1890's CDV Photo of Man w/ Winchester 1885 Hiwall Rifle
  Dixon & Sons Bag Flask for Colt Pocket Revolver
  US Army Infantry Tactics Manual Dated 1874 by Upton
  US Army 1892 Firing Regulations for Small Arms 1873 Trapdoor Springfield
    Circa 1910 Framed Photograph of Old Saloon w/ Early Edison Electric Lights
  Gillam & Miller Rifle  ---Rare Confederate Longarm--
Remington Model 1863 Zouave Rifle   King Silver Sonic Cornet from 1950's
Remington Model 1875 Single Action Revolver   Rare Original Photograph of General George S. Patton in W
    American Revolutionary War Era Model 1777 Flintlock Pistol
  Rare Hopkins & Allen 1908-09 Full Catalog & Flyer
  Confederate Griswold Revolver Factory Relics
Mauser Model 1895 Rifle -Unissued & Near Mint-   Southerner Derringer in .41 Rimfire by Merrimack Arms
Mauser Model 1893 From Spanish-American War   Nice Harpers Ferry 1805 Flintlock Pistol --Circa 1960 Belgian Reproduction--
    Western Arms Hawken Rifle in .54 CAL
    Ideal Combination Reloading Tool/Mold for 32-40 M w/ Powder Measure
    WW2 Era Western Cutlery G-46-8 Combat Knife w/ Scabbard
    Sharps New Model 1863 Percussion Carbine
    Prescott Navy Revolver -RARE 1st Model w/ Low SN#
    Combination Tool for the Maynard Carbine
    Spencer Model 1860 Trapper Carbine --Recently Found in N. Georgia, Captured?--
    Merwin Hulbert Pocket Revolver, Factory Engraved w/ Pearl Grips
    Rogers and Spencer Army Revolver  --Unfired--


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