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Winchester Model 1885 Lowall Rifle

This is a nice early and unaltered example of a Winchester Model 1885 Lowall Rifle. Pre-1898 antique serial number is in the 36,000 range and was made in 1889. Caliber is .22 Short with a standard 24" Octagon No. 1 Weight Barrel. For a 19th century .22 caliber rifle built during the black powder era, it has a surprisingly strong bore. Standard factory sights include the semi-buckhorn rear and German silver blade front sight. Standard markings include two-line address located atop the upper flat of the octagon barrel with inventor John Browning's patent date behind the trigger on the lower tang. Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine+ with 65% original case colors on the frame which range in color from mostly moderate to strong in a few areas. The barrel has 85% original blue. Walnut is in Fine condition with 90% original varnish with some light handling marks. Wood to metal fit is perfect with the walnut standing slightly proud of the metal...as it did when it left the factory. The forend has its original ebony inlay intact at the schnabel/tip. Good to VG Screws overall. Nice action. Bore grades to Very Good with nice lands and grooves. There bore has a bit of a slightly frosty texture to it but there are no pits which is remarkable. All it took was a little neglect to ruin a small bore rifle in the black powder era. This one was looked after far better than most I've seen. Nice solid example of John Browning's first rifle.

Item# 9418




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