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Cabinet Card Photograph of Man armed with Winchester 1866 Rifle

This is a great original circa 1870's-80's Cabinet card photo of 2 armed men posing with their dog and a Winchester Model 1866 Sporting rifle and what appears to be an unusual deluxe tip-up rifle...possibly a Holden or a Wurfflein.  Over the years, I've managed to find some great images with Model 1873's and 1876 Winchesters but to date, this is the only image we've ever found with an early brass-framed Winchester 1866 Repeating rifle.  This is a great image as the proud owner has it displayed prominently across his lap allowing us to see all the details of what a near mint condition Model 1866 would have looked like 130 years ago. You can tell its an early 2nd or 3rd model 1866 with its brass buttplate, early Henry Rifle style ladder sight, and sling swivels which were common on 66 sporting rifles up until the Mid-1870's.  The other man is carrying a mystery rifle but the frame appears to be nickel-plated which was a common feature for Wurfflein rifles and it appears to be in the style of a Wurfflein although it also looks a bit like a Holden rifle.  I'm certainly not an expert on these to positively identify it but it appears to have a shotgun buttplate, checkered stock with rounded pistol grip knob and wooden forend.  Both men are sporting hats from the 1870-80's era as well as suits.  The photo was taken in a studio with a river scene backdrop...as though they were posing on a hillside overlooking a small steamboat.  The bottom of the card reads "Helson" and "Menomonie, Wis."  Card is in Fine condition overall with no tears or creases.  The backing board has turned slightly yellow from age but its in exceptional condition for its age.  A rare opportunity to own an original period photo featuring Winchester's first Repeating rifle. This photo is a fresh find and one that's never been published.

Item# 0379

$495.00 SOLD



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