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Colt 1836 Paterson Replica, NIB by Ubertie

This is a nice Uberti Model 1836 Paterson Percussion Revolver that is unfired and still in its original box. Standard .36 caliber with octagon barrel. Comes with loading tool. These are really well made. My gunsmith has worked on a number of original Colt Patersons over a span of many years so I value his opinion when it comes to the subject. He says that these Uberti's are the closest to the original Colt Paterson out of all the production replicas. Unfortunately, Uberti only built the Paterson for a few short years and it seems relatively few were made. They can be a challenge to find on the market today. This one has the special order charcoal blued finish and which was closer to the original 19th century heat charcoal blued finishes than the modern blue/black finish which came as standard. Nice case colors on the hammer and frame plate. This one is 99.9% Mint and has never been fired.

Item# 1943




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