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 Smith & Wesson 2nd Model American Revolver 

Made from 1872 to 1874, the Smith & Wesson Second Model American represents one of the earliest large catridge revolvers in America and used extensively in the Old West.  This particular gun even has a rare ORIGINAL 6" barrel which is NOT just another  8" that's been cut down.  Serial number is in the 18,000 range with all matching numbers which includes the frame, barrel, cylinder, latch, and grips. I has a few small replacement screws, but otherwise, its all original. There is 25% to 30% original nickel finish overall with the balance turned to a brown patina.  Barrel address is clear with correct 1860, 65, and 69 patent dates.  Wood Grips are worn but in good condition and solid. Barrel to frame latches up tight and action cycles with a weak half cock.  All in all, this is good solid example of an early big frame S&W with a rare barrel length. 




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