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Smith and Wesson 1 1/2 Revolver w/ 2.5" barrel

This is an early Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2 tip-up revolver in caliber .32 rimfire with 5 shot cylinder, rosewood grips, and nickel plated finish.  As you can see from the photos, this one has the scarcer 2.5" barrel instead of the standard 3.5".  The short barrel didn't leave enough room for the S&W markings and patent dates which were traditionally placed on the top rib of the barrel.  Instead, S&W put the markings on the left side of the barrel leaving the top rib blank.  This one is right towards the end of production for the 1 1/2 (SN# 120366) and was probably made around 1875. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good+ to VG with 75% original nickel plating left on the frame with the balance turned to a grey to brown patina.  The cylinder has 65% original nickel while the barrel has flaked almost completely to a light grey patina that is turning brown.  Fairly typical of S&W's....the barrels didn't hold their finish well probably due to heat expansion of the steel after repeated firing....which we tend to speculate caused the finish to flake.  This is especially the case on blued guns but it is evident here with a nickel finish.  Hammer has turned mostly brown patina with just a light frosting of silvered out case colors along the sides.  Rosewood grips are solid with perfect wood to metal fit..no chips or cracks.  The grips still retain about 40% original piano varnish which has turned dark with age.  Action works well with some some play in the barrel due to a worn latch slot.  The hinge feels pretty good though (maybe just a tad of play...but its not bad) which is usually the culprit when there's barrel play......but the slot can be remedied much more easily if desired.  Bore hasn't been cleaned in many years with what appears to be good rifling and some scattered pits...we'll call it fair but will probably clean up better to antique "Good".  Original German silver front sight is intact.  Generally VG Screws and pins.  Nice barrel markings.  A fairly scarce variation of the Model 1 1/2"...basically the smallest version of the early model you could own!  These typically sell for quite a bit of money and start around $650 and go much higher. This one is a bargain and priced to move!

Item# 0542




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