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S&W DA Revolver

38 S&W, 3rd Model DA revolver with 3 1/4" barrel.  Antique serial number is in the 274,000 range. Nickel finish, hard rubber grips.  About 85% original nickel.  Case colors on hammer and trigger.  75% worn blue on trigger guard and latch.  Hard rubber grips are excellent with strong checkering.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Excellent markings.  Backstrap is stamped with the number "405".  This is right where you typically see American Express Company Markings along with a number under 1000.  This one doesn't say "AM Ex Co" but I wouldn't be a bit surprised it if did belong to this firm as the high number is in step with a large group.  Could also be a badge number for a police officer. Nice action and bore.

Item# 1001




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