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Civil War S&W 1st Model Pocket Revolver Made in 1862

This is a nice example of a Smith and Wesson Model Number One, 2nd Issue Pocket revolver. This was S&W's first succesful revolver design and one of the world's very first cartridge revolvers. This example has an early Serial number is in the 24,000 range and was made in 1862. These early S&W's were very popular with soldiers during the Civil War who privately purchased them and carried them for personal protection and additional firepower.  See photos.  It features a 7 shot cylinder in .22 caliber short, silver plated frame, blue barrel & cylinder, German silver front sight, with varnished rosewood grips. Cylinder has nice markings with the 1855, 1859, and 1860 Patent dates clear and legible.  Top of the barrel reads, "SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD. MASS." Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ Condition with 65% thinning barrel blue, 75% cylinder blue, hammer has 50% thinning case colors and 98% silver plating remaining on the frame and backstrap. The silver has turned to a nice patina. Note: We don't recommend you polish the silver...It has much more appeal and collectibility if left alone...and polishing thins out the fragile plating and hurts the value.  The rosewood grips are nearly flawless still retaining about 98% of their original piano varnish...no chips, cracks or repairs.  Action works nicely and bore is in Fine condition...still bright with very strong rifling...and just a few light pinpricks. Given their hard usage during the Civil War, these early S&W Pocket revolvers are exceptionally tough to find in such nice condition.  This is the best Civil War Pre-1865 S&W No. 1, 2nd Issue Pocket we've found.  Note: These early S&W's are made of 19th century iron and soft brass frames.  The design was intended for black powder only. They are not designed to fire modern .22 caliber rimfire ammunition in the 21st century and given their age...should NOT be fired with any kind of ammunition.  Sold as a 144 year old antique collectible only.

Item# 0367




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