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Smith and Wesson Baby Russian Revolver

These are technically called the S&W 38 Single Action 1st Model Revolvers but their earned the nickname "Baby Russians" in response to their similar style long ejector housings found on the early large frame S&W's like the .44 Caliber Russian Models and the American.  They were built only a couple of years from 1876-1877 and chambered in .38 S&W. 

This particular example is nickel plated with 3 1/4" barrel, five shot cylinder, and checkered hard rubber grips.  Serial number is in the 22,000 range which places it at the tail end of production, probably in the year 1877.  Overall, its in NRA Antique VG condition with 80% original nickel plating intact with the balance turning to a grey/brown patina along with a couple of cleaned spots on the right side.  Hammer still shows 40% case colors.  Nice markings throughout with patent dates on the top rib of the barrel.  Grips are in generally good condition with worn checkering and good S&W logos...on small crack on the extreme base of the right grip...these are pretty common around the lower frame pins which hold the bottoms of the grip in place.  Good mechanics with good barrel to frame lockup.  Bore is a fairly typical black powder bore with good rifling but some light scattered pits.  A decent example of the Baby Russian.

Item# 0296




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