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Minty Circa 1860's Brass-Frame Single Shot Deringer

This Deringer is unmarked but it appears similar to ones made by H.C. Lombard of Springfield Mass, Merwin & Bray, or Morgan & Clapp during the 1860's.  Perhaps its what is known as a "2nd Quality" example that wasn't worthy of some Company's name on the barrel.  However, it does have a serial number.  Appears to be in .32 rimfire with a 3.75" octagon barrel which swivels off to the side of the frame for loading.  Like I said, the only mark on the gun is a serial number on the bottom of the grip/frame and matches one underneath the barrel.  

Overall, its in almost perfect condition retaining 97% bright original blue, nearly all the case colors on the hammer, and 98% original varnish on the rosewood grips with some light scratches. Brass frame has turned to a nice untouched mellow patina...appears to have never cleaned or polished.  Original German silver front sight with a small notch in the hammer serving as a rear sight.  Action works properly and a Very Good bore with wide 3 Groove rifling.  An interesting weapon in completely untouched almost pristine condition.

Item# 0346




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