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Factory Engraved Remington Smoot Revolver

This is a Factory Engraved 2nd Model Remington Smoot Revolver in caliber .32 Rimfire Short. There were approximately 3,000 2nd Models made from 1877-1885. This one has fantastic factory scroll engraving with punch dot reliefs, a nickel-plated finish, and mother-of-pearl grips. Factory engraved American revolvers from the 19th century can be quite an investment but this one won't break the bank. It has 25% original nickel remaining with the balance turned to a soft grey patina. There are some light scattered pits but overall, the metal is mostly smooth and the engraving is sharp. It has "Character" as the age in some ways adds another dimesion to the 19th century engraving. The pearl grips are beautiful and still have a nice marbled translucent glow having slightly yellowed around the edges over the eyars. There is one small chip at the bottom of the right panel. I have spent many hours looking at this one resting on my desk. The photos don't do it justice but just for fun, we took some extra shots using a dark background with some filtered light for that "museum" effect. If you like the photos, the gun in person is even better!

Item# 1900




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