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Original 1893 Issue of Forest and Stream

This Rod and Gun/Forest and Stream was the forerunner to the modern Field and Stream Magazine found on current newstands today.  In addition to the articles, these early sporting magazines are often loaded with fantastic vintage ads of early sporting guns, fishing tackle, and hunting gear....which collectors could only wish to find today.  This particular issued does not disappoint!  It features a nice front page ad of the new 2nd Model Winchester Model 1890 rifle with takedown frame in Caliber .22 short, long, and Winchester Rimfire (*WRF*) for a mere $16.00 along with a nice UMC illustrated cartridge ad.  Inside the back cover is also a great 1st year ad for the Marlin Model 1893 lever action rifle in 32-40 and 38-55 in which the ad states the gun is an improved model 1889 with "famous Ballard Target Rifle" barrels.  There are also illustrated ads for shotguns including Parker, Lefever, Davis, Baker, Forehand, Charles Daly, and really nice large illustrated ad of Colt's brand new Hammerless double barrel shotgun in 10 and 12 gauge.  They note that a Grade 1 gun is $80 and a Grade 2 is $125.  That was a lot of money back in 1883 but Colt could have arguably been building the best American shotguns on the market.  The quality was so high that they never really made any money and discontinued their doubles soon thereafter.  Also features ads about William and Read bicycles, North Carolina Plug Cut Tobacco, Dupont Gunpowder, Oriental Powder, lots of fishing gear, canoes, HH Knife Company Aluminum Reels, Yachts, folding canvas canoes, pumps, sails, nets, lectric launch boats.  Several railroad advertisements as well as various dog breeders. There is even an ad for Walsrode Smokeless powder 12 gauge shotgun shells.  This is the earliest ad for smokeless ammunition I've ever seen and a full 2 years before it was offered in the Winchester 1894 rifle....which is generally accepted as the one of the first commercially available guns to chamber a smokeless powder cartridge.  The articles are always a fun and interesting read and cover a variety of subjects...great places to fish, hunting, shooting competitions, the World's Fair, and even ice fishing in Maine.   Overall condition very good with the paper still light which hasn't turned yellow.  Staples in the binding are a little corroded but the binding intact with no loose or missing pages present.  No signs of any significant rips, tears, or damage.  A nice early American Sporting magazine with some very rare ads.

Item# 0593




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