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.44 Flat Rimfire UMC Box for Henry and 1866 Winchester

This is an original green-labeled Union Metallic Cartridge Company 2 piece box that original contained 50 rounds of precious .44 Flat Henry Rimfire Ammunition.  This box was made somewhere between 1867 when UMC was formed and the year 1912 after which it became known as Remington UMC.  I'm not an expert on these but I'm guessing its vintage to be circa very late 19th century to early 20th century.  The top label is a little faded but completely intact with a picture of the .44 Rimfire cartridge marked ".44 Henry Flat Model 1866".  The side labels are tattered and partially missing but the end of the box still reads "U.M.C. .44 HENRY FLAT RIM FIRE".  Bottom of the box has a pink label with the UMC Guarantee.  Box is a bit faded but its in Good condition overall with no rips, tears, or pieces missing.  I haven't found an empty .44 Henry box in several years...and most full boxes now sell for thousands of dollars.  Its gotten exceedingly difficult to fine .44 RF Flat shells but the .44 UMC marked shells still show up at shows from time to time and they're usually priced for several dollars less than Winchester- "H" marked shells.  If you've always wanted a .44 Rimfire box but didn't have several thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, this might provide an economical solution to a budget-minded collector who can acquire the cartridges at their leisure all the while making a great accessory to that Model 1866 Winchester or Henry Rifle!

Item# 0401

$349.00 SOLD



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