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LF & C US Model 1918 Trench Knife

A nice, strong example of a brass handled Model 1918 Trench knife.   It was manufactured by Landers, Frary, and Clark Co. of New Britain Connecticut aka LF&C.  LF&C manufactured a wide variety of household products from 1862 until the company was bought by General Electric in 1965. For over a century, the Company marketed a variety of products from Coffee Percolators and Grinders to roller skates and mouse traps.  During World War One, LF&C turned turned away from commercial production towards military products.  The US Models 1917 and 1918 trench knives were only a couple of the many products LF&C Co. manufactured for the American Expeditionary Forces that were headed to France.   These were also re-issued to troops during the WW2.  Unfortunately, as post war surplus, these knives were often mistreated, polished, or modified  leaving  far fewer complete examples with their original blackened finish and scabbards.

This 90 year old knife, this is in excellent condition overall showing very little use and appears almost as issued.  Its still retaining about 85-90% of its original blackened finish over the brass sand cast handle and 95% on the steel blade.  The handle shows just a little wear on the top and edges where you can see the brass peeking through the finish and on the raised granules of metal across the surfaces which protruding from the casting.   Otherwise, its pretty much got full coverage of its original finish.  Its marked "U.S. 1918 LF&C - 1918". The handguard is good and straight with no bends, modifications, or repairs.  The iron skull-crusher retaining nut at the back of the handle is intact and has never been ground down retaining 85% of its blued military finish.  The double blade is in beautiful shape and has never been sharpened or altered.  The blades show nicks or damage of any kind. Scabbard is also excellent with 90% original blackened finish.  Its marked "L.F. & C. 1918" with both  belt hooks intact.  There is a little finish loss due to flaking that the end of one side near the weep hole.  This scarce American fighting knife is in superior condition and would make a great addition to and First World War, World War 2, or American military collection.

Item# 0727




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