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US Military Gang Mold for 3rd Model Colt Dragoon Revolver

This is a massive 6 cavity gang mold in .44 Caliber for the Colt 3rd Model Dragoon Revolver.  I've read that only one of these was issued for every fifty Colt Dragoon revolvers.  Military inspector initials are located on each handle as well as some type of military inventory number (#77) located on the right brass ferrule.  The right arm of the mold is stamped "44H".  Like many of the ones I've seen over the years, this one does not have the Colt's Patent on top of the sprue cutter.  

Overall, the mold is in very good condition with what appears to be a fair amount of very old and thinning military or arsenal blue.  The original walnut handles show some nicks and scratches...left handle has a minor age crack on the bottom side.   All six bullet cavities are in Fine to Excellent shape still no pitting and still show very fine detail including milling marks.  This mold could still cast lead projectiles as nicely as when new 150 years ago.  A rare and fantastic accessory to a 3rd Model Colt Dragoon Revolver.

Item# 0491

$750.00 SOLD



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