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Merwin & Hulbert Revolver in Minty Condition

This is a very nice M&H pocket revolver in near Mint condition and very possibly unfired.  3" barrel, nickel plated, five shot cylinder, in .32 caliber, with patented folding hammer spur, and checkered hard rubber grips.  Overall, this gun retains 99+% of its original nickel.  Both the trigger and hammer retain most of their original case colors while the hammer spur still shows almost all of its original nickel finish and tiny patent date located on the right side.  The grips are in excellent plus condition with sharp checkering, no chips, no cracks.  I don't believe this gun has ever seen a screw-driver...the screws are perfect...the pins are perfect.  The faces of the hammer and back of the frame are perfect....the bore is even perfect.  The action is really tight...in fact the barrel and cylinder assembly have perfect suction on the arbor pin...you can pull the assembly forward and raise the gun 90 degrees with the muzzle point up, and the entire barrel will slowly slide back down the arbor pin....they just don't get any better than that!  The action works perfectly in double action mode and single action works most of the time...but occasionally it does not hold at full cock...other times it works perfect which is usually a sign of some dirt or simply dried grease....since this gun has never been taken apart and its in near mint condition, we have decided to leave it untouched.  This would be very difficult to improve upon...one of the nicest Merwin & Hulbert pocket revolvers we've ever had!

Item# 0268




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