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Merwin Hulbert Pocket Revolver, Factory Engraved w/ Pearl Grips

Double Action Merwin Hulbert & Company Pocket Revolver. This one is nickel plated with factory Punch Dot "Intaglio" engraving that features a homestead scene on the left frame panel. The grips are the original fancy mother-of-pearl with an interesting birds-eye pattern...never cracked or broken. Hammer has the patented folding spur which is intact as is the loading gate. Good barrel address. Metal is a mixture of original nickel and iron worn to a light grey patina that is a little frost in places. Engraving is all visible and in good shape. Action still cycles well in double and single action modes. The barrel/cylinder assembly still has suction on the cylinder pin. When turned upwards...it floats down. Good bore. Good solid deluxe example of a well-made American Pocket Revolver.

Item# 1991




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