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Martini Mark IV Rifle

This is an exceptionally nice Martini Mark IV Rifle in 577-450 Caliber Manfuctured by Enfield in 1887.  Aside from the nice condition of this Mark IV, the two things we like about it are its lightly tiger striped wood and superb original case colors on the lever. Overall, this one grades well within NRA Antique Excellent Condition with 95% original blue overall with some minor flaking, crisp markings, and no pitting.  The lever was coated with a dried black coating that revealed perfect original case colors once removed....you will never see a lever like this...with 99% vivid colors.  The wood is medium brown in color and in Fine Plus condition with light tiger-striped walnut on both the forend and the stock. Occasionally, you will find Martinis with curl or tiger-stripes but rarely on both the stock and forewood...these were military issued and Enfield didn't care much for eye appeal....its nice to see this on both stock and forewood. Excellent crisp original cartouches.  Wood shows a shows a few dings which is to be expected on any issued 19th century military weapon.  No cracks or chips with perfect wood to metal fit. Buttplate retains its original brass liner between the steel and the wood with correct original brass screws. This is a correct original Mark IV wood with no extra hole for a short lever Martini...this is something commonly found on Mark IV's...this one is Mark IV all the way! Complete with its original Mark IV cleaning rod, swivels, and sights.  Nice action with working cocking indicator!  Bore is perfect, bright and shiny with strong rifling all the way to the muzzle.  This is a very clean rifle...one of the nicer ones you will find!

Item# 0217




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