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Manhattan Revolver .36 Navy Revolver

This is a very sharp example of a .36 Caliber Manhattan Type IV Navy Revolver with a desirable 6 1/2" barrel.  Serial number is in the 56,000 range.  This revolver is very similar to the Colt 1849 and 1851 Navy Revolvers with several improvements such as 10 cylinder stop, a spring loaded recoil plate to prevent chain firing, strengthened loading lever, blade front sight.  The gun itself shows quality of workmanship as equal to the Colt..these were popular during the Civil War with many privately purchased by soldiers.  Overall, this example is in NRA antique Very Good Plus condition with the metal turned to a smooth light patina with excellent markings and sharp edges.  There are traces of original blue and case colors in protected areas.  Cylinder scene is mostly visible with sharp designs still present around 5 panels depicting 5 different scenes depicting men with guns and even a sidewheel steamship.  Brass triggerguard and backstrap have turned to a nice mellow patina.  Orginal domed screws are generally good, some show turning, but all are serviceable.  Very Good walnut grips with no chips, a few tap marks on the bottomstrap, with nice wood to metal fit. Action works nicely and wedge still holds the barrel tightly against the frame with no play or wiggle.  All in all, a nice example of a Manhattan revolver.




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