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Kerr Revolver

This is a nice example of late production Kerr Revolver manufactured by the London Armoury Company which supplied most of their production of Kerr's to the Confederacy.  We don't have a lot of details about the history of this particular Kerr but I will pass on what we know....just that it was found in a house in Indiana some years ago....the couple who found this Kerr had purchased the house from the descendants of a deceased estate.  Apparently, the descendants had no interest in clearing out piles of junk from the storage areas of the house so the new owners were left with the clean-up.  During the clean-up, the couple discovered approximately 30-40 guns, mostly Indiana-made percussion rifles in the back of one of the closets hidden behind a pile of junk.  One can only wonder how many years it sat there. 

The serial number is 9280 which falls into the range used by the Confederacy during the Civil War. In fact, the serial number is only 40 numbers away from another Kerr Revolver known to have been issued to 18th Virginia Cavalry listed in Pratt's Roll in July 1864. If you follow this link, it will take you to a fantastic website which specializes in researching US Military Serial numbers...simply type in the serial number, "9280" and it will show you all of the Kerr Revolvers that show up in this serial range listed on Pratt's Roll.  As you will see, this one is right in the same range: 


There are no retailer name on the topstrap of the frame which was almost standard procedure for most British-made weapons sold on their commercial market. I see no JS Anchor marking on the grip which Confederate Kerr's generally have.  However, this is not uncommon for Kerrs as not all were marked.  

Overall condition of this Kerr is NRA Antique Good+ to VG- Condition.  .44 Caliber with 5 shot cylinder, loading lever, checkered grips, and lanyard swivel in the butt cap. The metal retains 5% original blue mostly in the protected aress with the balance turned to soft grey metal that is hazing over to a light brown patina.  The markings are all nice and legible with the right side of the lock below the hammer marked in script "London Armoury Co."  Right side of the frame is marked "KERR'S PATENT 9280".  The cylinder is also marked "9280".  The left side of the frame is marked in tiny letters "LONDON ARMOURY" while the rear of the barrel is marked "L.A.C."  followed by London Viewer markings and a London Proofmarking.  Good screws.Wood grips are in very good condition with very good checkering and nice overall wood to metal fit.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  All in all, this is just a good sharp example of a Kerr revolver that is well above average and most likely Confederate.

Item# 0276




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