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Early Colt Model 1860 4 Screw Army Revolver

This is a nice, strong example of an early Civil War issued Colt Model 1860 Army revolver.  It's in .44 Caliber, 8" barrel, rebated cylinder, and has the early style 4-screw frame for attaching a shoulder stock. The serial number is in the 27,000 range and is 100% all matching including the wedge.  This 1860 was probably built in the month of January or February of the year 1862.  Most 4-screw variations saw a great deal of hard usage throughout much of the Civil War.  As a result, they are often found in very worn states of condition.  This is probably the 2nd nicest example we've run across that shows only minor usage. 

Overall, it's in NRA Antique Fine Plus condition with 75-80% original case colors remaining on the frame.  Nice "COLT'S PATENT" located on left side of the frame.  The hammer still shows 35% case colors while the loading lever has original case colors in the protected areas underneath the barrel and around the flat pivot juncture for the ram.  The barrel has 25% original blue mostly along the fluted areas of the barrel lug and on the bottom near the loading lever.  The balance is a mostly smooth light brown patina.  Nice barrel marking with Colt address.  The lug screw still has most of its original fire blue intact while the even wedge (quite surprisingly) still has most of its original blue on the inside.  Fine screws overall.  The cylinder has turned to a light brown patina with original blue remaining only inside the cylinder stopes and tiny traces in the rebate.  Very good cylinder scene with depiction Naval battle is about 80% overall and still has a  good strong engagement date at the front that reads "ENGAGED MAY 16, 1843".  This marking is usually worn away as its located at the front edge of the cylinder and was quickly worn away from holster wear.  The rear of cylinder still shows all 6 safety pins...3 are a bit mashed while the other 3 are are very good.   Nice brass triggerguard with military inspector initials.  Backstrap has worn to a mostly grey patina with original blue along the top edges next to frame.  Bottomstrap shows traces or original blue in protected areas and inside the groove for the should stock attachment.  The original walnut grips are in Fine condition showing only minor wear and a few light scratch marks behind the frame.  Nice tight wood to metal fit...no cracks or repairs.  The left side of the grips has an excellent inspector's cartouche.  The right side has no cartouche and doesn't appear to have ever been stamped.  The only flaws in the wood are two tiny chips in the corners of the bottom edge of the frontstrap...almost not worth mentioning.  Excellent mechanics and a very good+ bore that's still mostly shiny with strong lands and grooves.  An exceptional example of an early U.S. military issued Model 1860 Army Revolver.

Item# 0485




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