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Colt Powder Flask marked for Kriegsmarine

A nice example of an early Colt Percussion revolver powder flask.  Robin Rapley's book on Colt Accoutrements notes this flask as correct for the 3rd and 4th Model Colt 1851 Navy, 1861 Navy, and 1860 Army Revolvers.  The side has the standard Colt scene on the side with a brace of Colt revolvers and carbines and the words "COLT'S PATENT".  Below are crossed Lone Star of Texas and American flags, cannon, anchors, and a bowie or infantryman's short sword.  In addition to the standard scene, the top of the flask is marked "KM 246". 

The story behind this marking is an interesting one and if my memory is working stands for "Kriegsmarine" also known as the German/Prussian Navy.  A more direct English translation is actually "war navy".  One would naturally assume that Prussians ordered Colt 1851 Navies and accoutrements but that's not the case here.  Instead, they were actually ordered and destined for Russia but intercepted by the Prussians during transit.  They Prussians issued their new prizes to the Navy or "Kriegsmarine" with special leather holsters, capping tools, and these flasks.  Each gun and its equipment was assigned a number...this one being 246.  An interesting bit of history but please check up on my write-up in your library if you need more exact info. 

Overall condition is Very Good to fine with perfect the copper body of the flask having perfect seams with no splits.  The surface has been painted gold many years ago...perhaps even by the Kriegsmarine...and is mostly intact with 20% worn from the back.

Item# 9156




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