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U.S. Colt New Army DA Revolver

The US Army bought these .38 Double Action Revolvers with the intention of replacing the Single Action .45 Colt.  While the action of the DA was an improvement over the SAA, the US Army learned the hard way that the anemic .38 Colt Cartridge was vastly inferior to the .45. During the Moro Uprisings in the Phillipines at the turn of the 20th century, it was learned that even 6 direct hits with a Colt DA was not alway a guarantee it could stop a Moro Warrior.  Due to the problems with the 38, the SAA and 1878 DA in .45 Colt were issued to the troops stationed in the Phillipines along with 1897 Winchester Riot Shotguns.

This particular revolver is in NRA Antique Excellent condition with 90% bright original finish remaining.  Most of the screws, the trigger, and back of the hammer still retain most of their original vibrant fire blue.  RAC (Ronaldo A. Carr) Gov't Inspector Markings are found on various parts of this gun.  Like many of these early Colt DA's issued to the Army, most were sent back to Colt for improvements so this one is marked US ARMY Model 1901 although the Serial number is in the 104,000 range which makes this a pre-1898 antique. All markings are crisp and sharp.  Original lanyard ring is intact.  A very fine example of an early double action military revolver.  During the past several years, these early New Army DA's have been one of the few affordable 19th century miltary Colt Models left in the market but they are beginning to rise. 




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