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Nice Brass Colt Brevette Mold in .36 Caliber

This is a great brass mold in .36 caliber for a Colt Brevette Revolver. We've been told that the Brevettes were licensed copies of the Colt Patent Revolver made in continental Europe. These guns tend to vary in style and quality, from ones bearing a very close resemblance to the Colt to others which are almost artistic caricature-like interpretrations. See link:


This mold is no different. It's basically same as the early style brass Colt Mold with early iron sprue cutters for the 1849, 1851, and Dragoon models. It has dual mold cavities for both the conical and round ball just like the Colt and the side of the body is stamped COLT PATENT 14565. However, it is a little more interpretive...it's a bit more stretched out with longer brass handles and an elongated tab at the end of the sprue cutter. The sprue cutter still retains 85% of its bright original fire blue. It's in great shape. This would go very nicely with a high condition Brevette and if it will fit, is deserving of a cased gun or set.

Item# 1868




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