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Early US Model 1912 Holster w/ Garrison Attachment for 1911 Colt

Early US Model 1912 Leather Holster for the Colt Model 1911 Pistol in Good Condition. This one has the seldom seen extra loop attachment enabling it to be worn with a garrison belt. Flap is good with no cracks or wear-through. The bottom of the holster has a pretty good outline of the slide of the Model 1911 it once held. The date is hard to read but it appears to be from 1913 and was made by Rock Island. Soldier who carried it has his initials on the bottom edge of the flap. These early ones really got used hard by the cavalry especially along the Texas border and into Mexico in 1916 after Pancho Villa. This particular holster turned up in El Paso, TX. You can BET it was there! Hard to believe these are now over 100 years old.

Item# 1905




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