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Colt 1889 DA Revolver w/ Scarce 3" Barrel

This is a rather interesting little Colt Model 1889.   Caliber .38 Colt with a scarce special-order 3" barrel.   The Model 1889 is arguably the forerunner to the modern double action revolver.   Looking at the lines and architecture of this gun, it's hard to believe that its design was conceived during the 1880's.   The one drawback the 1889 had was the lack of cylinder stops.   While aesthetically, the absence of stops made the cylinder with its long flutes very pleasing to the eye, relying upon just the hand to align the cylinder perfectly with the barrel proved to be inadequate and the model was quickly improved with the introduction of the Model 1892.   There were just 31,000 units of the model 1889 produced between 1889 and 1894.   This must be one of the last ones built as the serial number is in the 31,500 range...which is 500 numbers past the highest serial number listed in my Colt book.

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Good.   Metal worn to a light silvery grey with decent markings and screws.   Barrel is marked with caliber designation and 1884 and 1888 patent dates.   Good hard rubber grips with nice checkering.   One chip off the back edge of the left grip...which can be mended if desired...otherwise, grips are solid.   The action still functions fairly well and bore is in good condition.   A good example of the Model 1889 with some unique features.   This may among the last 1889's built by Colt.

Item# 1186




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