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U.S. Marked Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

This is a pretty good example of an early martially marked Colt 1851 Navy revolver.  3rd Model with the small brass triggerguard. Serial number is in the 57,000 range which dates this Colt to the year 1856. All numbers are matching throughout including the wedge. This one still has nice cartouches and a great cylinder scene. "U.S" stamped underneath "Colt's Patent" on left side of frame.  Metal has turned to a light grey brown patina with traces of original blue on the barrel, around the front sights, loading lever catch, beneath rammer, and loading cutout...even a few minute specs along the barrel flats. Nice aged brass triggerguard and backstrap. Some of the screws show turning marks. Sharp markings throughout.  Barrel marked "ADDRESS "--SAM L COLT NEW YORK CITY--" Grips are in fine condition and untouched with perfect wood to metal fit. The right side of the grips have a couple of scratches.  No chips or cracks.  Two good cartouches on each side of the grips...both are legible.  Most of the ones you find are pretty rough as many saw service before and during the Civil War.  This is one of the best we've seen in quite a while.




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