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Colt Lightning Rifle

This Colt Lightning Pump Action Rifle is in 38-40 Caliber and was manufactured in 1890. For 114 years old, its still in nice shape. The receiver shows 80% original thinning blue with great screws, many still retaining their original fire blue. The Rampant Colt or "Horsey" on the left side of the receiver is perfect and not worn. Dustcover is intact.  The hammer shows 80% original case colors. Round barrel measures 26" with a full magazine. The barrel and mag tube are mostly grey turning brown with original blue in the protected areas. The barrel has crisp Caliber markings and Colt Address.  Original sights include the unique Colt blade front and Semi-Buckhorn rear only found on Colt Rifles. 

Overall, this rifle is in very nice condition with the exception of some light pits on the bottom of the triggerguard and around the bottom of the slide mechanism...fairly minor...and not visible from either profile of the rifle. The wood is Excellent over with nearly all of its original oil finish.  The checkered foregrip is still sharp with 4 beautiful fire blued retaining screws tucked down inside of their original German silver eyelets. The stock is near perfect with very little wear, only a few light handling marks.  There is one small chip near the left side of the frame below the hammer which has been nicely repaired and doesn't distract.  Although, I'm not a gunsmith or endorsing this antique rifle as safe to fire, many collectors still want good mechanics as Lightnings are somewhat notorious for their complicated mechanics.  I'm happy to report that the action on this one works nicely and locks up correctly when cocked. The bore is very good as well.  All in all, a pretty sharp Colt Lightning rifle with lots of original finish, nice wood, and 100% original down to the smallest screw.




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