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Winchester Model 1886 Deluxe Rifle

This is one of the better examples of an 1886 Deluxe we've had in quite some time with lots of original blue and case colors.  Configuration is as follows:  Caliber 45-90, 26" round barrel, button magazine, checkered, pistol grip, deluxe burl walnut, and crescent buttplate. Standard original rear semi-buckhorn sight and a folding Lyman combination front sight. Early Antique Serial number is in the 17,000 range and was built in 1888. This rifle was originally sold in England as it was proofed in London with little doubt it went to an international hunter.  The 1886 was a very popular rifle amongst 19th century British hunters who travelled to Africa and India in pursuit of big game.  In 1888, this would have been the most advanced large caliber repeating rifle you could buy...no doubt whoever owned it wanted the best!  One thing you will notice on these early 1886's is the extra  hole next to the original tang sight mounting hole on the upper tang which secures an internal spring screw for the action....this is completely correct and is found on all early 1886's.  Overall condition grades NRA Antique Fine Plus to Excellent Condition with the receiver showing 60% original case colors, 75% on the lever,  85% on the hammer, and 65% thinning colors on the forearm cap.  The receiver bolt and loading port have 98% original blue while the barrel retains 90+% original blue with a couple spots of freckling with a touch of extremely light rash from poor storage.  The wood is fantastic with nice original sharp checkering on both the stock and forewood.  The burl is 3X with lots of figure throughout.  Bottom of pistol grip has the original inletted piece of ebony.  Action is still like new...bore is Excellent, still bright and shiny with strong rifling and no pitting.  This is a very nice example of an 1886 Deluxe which are getting very difficult to find.

Item# 9036




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