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WW1 US Army 3rd Division -Marked Helmet-

This is a nice 3rd Division-marked helmet from the 1st World War.  Formed in 1917 at Camp Greene in North Carolina, the Third Infantry has become one of the most decorated divisions in US military history with nearly 100 years of deployments all over the world. During that time, 51 Medals of Honor were earned by its soldiers, one of whom was a short, scrawny little teenager from Texas named Audie Murphy who had been turned down by the Marines, Paratroopers, and US Navy.  Please see the following link for a detailed history of this division:


Overall condition is Very Good with 90% of its original green/sawdust paint intact.  The division insignia is in Fine condition with good colors that have faded only slightly with time.  Liner is intact but is a bit loose in the pot.  Original chin strap is 100% present but broken in one spot...always better to have the original strap in any condition than missing.  This one isn't bad at all and could probably be mended.  All in all, a nice example of WW1 helmet from one of the Army's best WW1 combat divisions that was dubbed "The Rock of the Marne".

Item# 1056




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