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Wooden Case for Colt Revolver

This is an old 19th century wooden case for a Colt Pocket Percussion Revolver that was furnished by a dealer.  The lid has a brass escutcheon for a presentation.  Original lock is present with shield-type facing.  Hingers are brass.  The outside of the case is in good condition.  The inside of the case is a different matter.  It has been stripped of its original partitions and lining.  The inside of the lid however, still retains its original maroon colored lining.  The lower portion of the box appears to have had its inner lip replaced and its covered with some old non-original green felt....which can be easily removed. I've heard these old pistol cases made excellent sewing boxes and that may be what happened to this one.  Overall dimensions 5 13/16" x 11 5/8".  The inner dimensions are 4 3/4" x 10 5/8"...however, if the non original inner lip is removed, you will gain 1/4" in both length and width.  This case would be perfect for a .36 Caliber Colt Model 1862 Police or Pocket Navy with a 5 1/2" barrel.  There is ample room for a .31 Caliber Colt Model 1849 Percussion revolver with 4" and 5" barrels.  An 1849 w/6" barrel may "just " fit if the inner lip is removed...otherwise, its sits at a slight angle.  This case would make an interesting winter project and an affordable way to case your Colt Revolver.

Item# 0901




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