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Winchester Model 1892 Bore Reflector

This is an original Winchester Model 1892 Bore Reflector Mirror for lever action rifles. These are hard to find and seldom come up for sale. They're highly collectible but also a rather ingenious device as a slanted mirror fits down into the action and not only provides light to look down the bore from the muzzle but allows the user to view the bore from the chamber end as well. If you're someone who looks nice shiny bores, this little mirror can be a great asset when out shopping for a new acquisition as most bores are rougher on the chamber end and can't be viewed well from the muzzle. Best of all, they require no batteries. This one is in good condition with clear Winchester markings on the side of the brass body. The wood block has the cut for the extractor. Mirror is in decent shape with a few tarnish spots on the silver. First one we've had in years!

Item# 1994




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