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Winchester Model 1873 Rifle in .44 WCF

This is a standard Winchester 1873 Sporting Rifle with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate. Caliber is .44 WCF a.k.a. 44-40. Type: 3rd Model. Serial number is in the 327,000 range which dates its production to early 1890 making it a pre-1898 antique. Original sights include standard semi-buckhorn rear and correct early front with German silver blade and no set screw. This rifle is 100% original down to the smallest screw but I do want to explain one minor anomaly in one or two of the pictures. In the photo of the dust cover, you will notice the small screw on top is flat when it should be rounded. This flat screw should be underneath the dust cover holding the dust cover spring. Guess where the correct rounded dust cover screw was? You got it...underneath holding in the spring. This is a common occurrence on 1873 dust covers and they'd been this way for many many years. We have since returned these two screws to their proper positions in spite of what you see in the photos. Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine Plus with 75% original receiver blue that is thinning and toning to brown towards the front and along the top of the sideplates. Loading port still retains most of its bright niter blue. Hammer shows 80% moderate to light original case colors while the colors on the lever and buttplate have mostly faded to silver...still shows some traces of colors towards the top of the lever. The barrel and tube are a good 80% original blue that is thinning. Forend cap and magazine tube retaining band still have 80% original blue. The walnut stocks are in Fine Plus Condition with 80% original varnish remaining. Nice wood to metal fit that has never been sanded or refinished. Wood still swells slightly proud of the metal...just the way it left the factory in 1890. The wood has some nice orange-red tones and grain which contrasts perfectly with the fading original blue on the barrel and receiver. The bore is Fine with strong rifling and mostly bright with a few scattered light pits. Exceptionally nice for a black powder era rifle. The action is in fantastic shape and there is still quite a bit of original blue remaining atop the bolt and firing pin indicating this rifle has not seen much in the way of usage. If you're looking for a nice example of an 1873 Winchester, you can't go wrong with a .44 caliber rifle with an octagon barrel in this level of condition. This is the variation everyone is after!

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