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Winchester Model 1866 Rifle Relics

Back half of an early 3rd Model Winchester 1866 brass rifle frame that was dug up. Upper and most of the lower tangs are intact albeit a little bent on the bottom. Lower tang has a clear serial number and was made in 1870. Most of the original spring for the lever catch and screw are there. Comes with twelve Henry .44 Rimfire dug cases, an old home-made buttstock off of a Model 1866 and a pair of worn out relic toggle links. Included are twelve .44 Henry Rimfire shell casings and one centerfire which looks like it could be for the late Model 1866 or possibly .44 S&W American. The cases are uncleaned with a heavy patina formed. As they are copper, they are bent and a few have splits. Of the twelve Henry's, seven have or appear to have the early style Raised H headstamps (really tough to find these), two have "H"-markings (Winchester) headstamps, two "U" (UMC), and one unmarked. Most show double firing pin indentions 180 degrees apart indicating they were fired in the New Haven Arms Company Henry Repeating Rifle or its successor, the Model 1866 Winchester rifle or carbine. These would make the beginnings of a great Winchester 1866 Yellowboy relic display for the coffee table or shadow box. The fun part of these displays is always the hunt for more items. Neat grouping of some real archaeological Winchester gold.

Item# 1896




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