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Winchester Model 1893 Shotgun --1st Year Production & Recall Survivor--

This is an early Model 1893 Winchester pump action shotgun with the type "A" frame. The serial number is in the 3,900 range. Factory records indicate this gun being received in the warehouse on October 17, 1893.

Early features include:

-Early style barrel with Browning's 1890 and 1893 patent dates
-Type A Frame
-Three screw forend
-Rounded pistol grip
-Hammer with decorative dipped border pattern
-Slide arm marked "WINCHESTER MODEL 1893"

The 1893 was Winchester's first pump action shotgun and was originally designed for black powder shells. However, by the late 1890's shells loaded with smokeless powder were becoming more and more common. Unfortunately, the original Model 1893 was not strong enough to handle these stronger loads. Winchester introduced an improved version of the 1893 to handle these new smokeless rounds which it re-designated the Model 1897. Fearing lawsuits, Winchester issued one of the first national product recalls in the United States, encouraging all owners of the Model 1893 to return their guns to the factory in exchange for brand new Model 1897's. Of the approximately 34,000 units produced, many were returned and scrapped by Winchester. Today, while it is not impossible to find a surviving Model 1893, they are far from common and it can be a challenge to locate survivors in decent condition. Most of the ones we've encountered appear to have been well-used with little or no finish remaining.

This particular example has survived with most of its original finish which I would grade as Fine+ overall. The frame retains 75% receiver blue with 60% on the magazine tube and 25% on the barrel. Bolt and loading block retain 90% and 80% original blue, respectively. Nice case colors on the hammer. The wood retains 75% original varnish overall with no chips, cracks, or repairs. While this is one of the best 1893's I've found in quite some time, there are a couple of noteworthy blemishes that we need to disclose. The first is a ding on the left side of the frame near the hammer pin (see photos). Second, the barrel which was originally 30" has been trimmed down to just under 29". Otherwise, this is an exceptionally nice example. The bore is in Very Good condition and is still mostly bright. The action works nicely as well. Since this 1893 was built during October of 1893, we've included photos of a rare Winchester catalog from the fall of 1893 featuring the brand new Model 1893. The catalog is not included with the sale of this gun but I hope you guys will enjoy seeing the catalog debut of this seldom seen and mostly forgotten Winchester. Antique, pre-1898.

Item# 1548




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