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Winchester 1890 Made in 1896 with Extras

This early little antique Winchester 1890 came with its original canvas carrying case and two sets of sights; the original Winchester sights and a very nice set of Lyman sights. The Lyman sights include a the folding tang sight and folding combination front with globe and ivory bead.  Also has the original screws for installing the tang sight. Serial number is in the 41,000 range. Made in the year 1896. The caliber is .22 WRF which is a tough caliber to find in the early antique serial ranges...very few were made as one usually almost always finds the early ones in .22 short and occasionally, a .22 long, but rarely, the .22 WRF.  The rifle is in NRA antique Very good condition.  The case colors on the receiver has mostly faded out to silver with traces of colors in the protected areas and on the hammer.  The upper tang has most of its original case colors from being protected by the Lyman tang sight.  The top of the bolt has 75% original blue.  The octagon barrel is a standard 24" barrel with 20% original blue mostly along the bottom slants and protected areas.  The magazine tube retains 50% blue....the balance on these areas has turned to smooth light grey peppered with spots and specks of brown patina.  Nice markings include the early style 2 line barrel address...no proof markings on the barrel or the frame which is correct for a pre-1898 model 1890.  The upper tang has the early style markings with model designation and patent date.  The forend is in fine plus condition with no chips or cracks and most of the original varnish.  The stock is in nearly fine condition still retaining most of its original varnish with one small chip triangular in the corner of the frame and upper tang that has been repaired...looks nice and doesn't distract...otherwise, the wood is very nice.  The bore has all of its rifling but needs to be cleaned...its somewhat dark but should clean to good.  All in all, a very nice little antique 1890 in a scarce caliber with a nice canvas carrying case and a great sight of Lyman sights worth a couple hundred dollars by themselves.




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