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Winchester 1882 Reloader in .44 WCF with Decapping Pin

We sold this tool years ago to a good customer of ours and just bought it back from him. He took excellent care of it and we're proud to offer it for a second time. This is a nice Model 1882 tool with the desirable and often-lost original decapping pin. These were sold along with the bullet mold to owners of the Winchester Models 1873, 1892, as well as a few owners of Winchester Model 1885 Hiwall and Lowall rifles. The 44-40 which was known as .44 Winchester Center Fire was dubbed the Frontier Caliber during the American West. As it was one of the first commercially available center fire cartridges, it made it possible to reload a spent shell casing. Up to this time, most cartridges were in non-reloadable rimfire calibers which could be a real nuisance on the frontier when the nearest hardware store was often hundreds of miles away. The .44 WCF was a game changer and was a large part of the reason the Winchester 1873 became known as "The Gun that won the West". This tool made that possible. Overall, this one is in Excellent condition with 80% original blue with the balanced toning to a smooth brown patina. The decapper pin still has most of its original blue. Nice tool that would make a great accessory to a Model 1873 Winchester Carbine or Rifle as well as a Model 1892 or 1885 single shot.

Item# 1995




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