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Winchester Model 1876 Rifle

Winchester Model 1876 Rifle in caliber 45-60. Third Model. Serial number is in the 54,000 range. Made in 1884. Barrel has been cut from its original 28" down to 26-3/4" with the magazine tube reduced accordingly. Nice two line Winchester address and caliber marking on the barrel. The brass loading block has a nice sharp "45-60" as well. Original dust cover. The sights are nice but are originally from a Marlin Ballard Single Shot rifle or early Marlin Lever Action. Stocks are Very Good overall with the exception of a minor chip on the right side of forend. Very Good action. Good bore with no rings or bulges. The metal is in good shape with good edges and markings but appears to finish added. I'm a little torn between calling this a "reblue" or just a gun that someone added "cold blue" as it looks thin and could be easily removed if desired. The metal does not appear to have been buffed and if you look closely, you can see the silver remains of the original case colors on the hammer and lever...under a bronzy coloration. While the alterations keep it from being an investment grade collectible, this old Winchester 1876 would be an IDEAL candidate for a restoration project. Over the years, we've seen so many good original Winchesters that survived 100+ years unscathed fall victim to "restorations" when they should have been left alone. This rifle would be perfect for a rebuild and restoration...or just left alone as a colorful wall-hanger.

Item# 9332




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