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Original Winchester Cleaning Rods for 1873 Rifle

Found these in the trap of a Winchester 1873 Carbine but these originally came out of a rifle. They're an original four piece set that measure 7 inches to 7.25 (with head). You know they're original just by looking at them but just to be thorough, we measured them with a set of calipers. Rods are at about .23" in diameter which is correct. These have the later style steel head instead of the brass. From 35 years of collecting, the steel tipped rods seem to appear around the year 1892 and go to the end of production circa 1920. Condition is Very Good and they're absolutely filthy from decades of non-use. I screwed them together and dirt and crud actually oozed out from between the jointed sections. If you have an 1873 rifle in .38 or .44 WCF with standard 24" barrel and above serial number 406,000, this is what came in your rifle back when it was new.

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