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Old Repro Winchester 1866, 1873 3 Piece Cleaning rods for Carbines

Years ago I won an early 3rd Model 1866 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine in an auction. When I received the carbine and opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a rattle in the stock. This three piece set of rods was in the stock and they had some type of black coating on them. They were old and the brass tip was a little green from years of storage but upon closer inspection, I realized they were not factory original. My guess is that someone damaged the original rods and found someone to fashion them a new set 100 years ago. The threads were a little different than Winchester rods and the brass tip did not quite have the same curve at the shoulder. The needle end of the rod for the cleaning patches was squared off and fashioned into a screw driver...which was actually a pretty good idea. Not being original, I pulled them and they sat for years on the shelf not really knowing what to do with them. Eventually, we decided to make them look a little more correct without making them "too accurate". We stripped the black coating off, rounded off the flat end with the screw driver, and left the brass tip alone. They look good and the sections are straight with good threads. Over the years, we've sold a lot of original sets of rods and so I was reluctant to offer a set that wasn't original. However, we get so many calls from collectors looking for original sets, we thought perhaps someone could use a good solid inexpensive set that looks the part without costing several hundred dollars. If you have an 1866 or 1873 saddle ring carbine, they take the three piece set like this one.

Item# 2040




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