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Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver

This is one of the nicest Whitneys we've had in some time.   Whitneys are notorious for having very lightly rolled cylinder scenes which are often completely obliterated after 140+ years.   Well, this one has 100% scene.  The eagle, the shield, naval scene, etc...etc..It's ALL THERE!!!!   Every bit of it and IT'S SHARP!  Barrel marked "E. WHITNEY N. Haven".  Serial number is in the 23,000 range which is right in the middle of a batch sent to the US Navy (Washington Naval Yard) during the Civil War.   This one has no Naval acceptance markings but that doesn't categorically excuse it from service.  Unfortunately, the Navy didn't begin placing inspector markings on their Whitney revolvers until well into the year 1864.   Furthermore, many guns on hand (meaning not on a ship sailing on the other side of the world) were inspected after the war during the latter part of the 1860's.   Serial numbers are 100% all matching.   This one is a 2nd Model/4th type with "Whitneyville" on the shield within the cylinder scene.   7-1/2" barrel, .36 caliber percussion.

This gun is very crisp and tight showing minor use.   Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine Plus.  The cylinder has 85% original blue with perfect scene.   The octagon barrel has 25% blue with the balance simply flaked off with metal that has turned to a light grey patina.   The frame is mostly grey with about 5% original blue.   The hammer and loading lever have 75% soft original case colors showing.   Even the lever latch has most of its colors.   Nice screws with several showing strong evidence of original fire blue.   Trigger has 95% original fire blue.   The grips are nearly Fine with a few light handling marks with 80% original oiled finish remaining.   Perfect wood-to-metal fit, numbered to the gun, with no chips, cracks, or repairs.   Excellent mechanics.   Bore is Fine+ to Excellent...still bright with nice sharp lands and grooves with a few minor light pits near the muzzle.   A very nice example of a Civil War vintage Whitney revolver.

Item# 1130




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