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Wesson & Harrington Revolver

This is an 1870's vintage Wesson & Harrington revolver in .22 caliber.   Frank Wesson was the brother of Daniel Wesson who founded Smith and Wesson.  Frank Wesson produced a variety of pocket rifles and small breech loading pistols from the late 1850's through the 1860's.  In 1871, Wesson entered a partnership with Gilbert Harrington (his nephew) which produced these revolvers.  However, the the mid-1870's, Wesson and Harrington dissolved their partnership leaving Harrington to form a new partnership with William Richardson.  The subsequent firm became known as none other than Harrington and Richardson...a firm that produced sporting guns for over 100 years until just recently.  

This particular gun is the No. 2 First type with 3 3/16" octagon barrel. Serial number is a nice even "6000"!  This is one of nicest we've offered in several years retaining 97% of its original nickel finish.  The minor loss of nickel is mostly around the corners of the cylinder flutes and sides of top strap. Excellent markings with Wesson & Harrington address followed by 1871 patent date. There are a few dings around the backstrap behind the hammer. Hammer still shows much of its original case color hardening.  The grips are nearly flawless with 96% varnish over the rosewood.  No chips or cracks.   Action still works and bore is still decent for a black powder era revolver, not dark but with a few expected scattered pits and good strong rifling wide land rifling.

Item# 0368




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