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US Model 1842 Percussion Pistol

This is an early US Model 1842 produced by Henry Ashton of Middletown, Connecticut. Other contractors for the 1842 were Ira Johnson and William Glaze of the Palmetto Armory. Lock is dated 1847...a good Mexican-American War era date. Many went on to see additional service during the American Civil War. Standard single shot percussion with 8.5" barrel in .54 caliber. Captive ramrod designed for dragoon/cavalry use is complete and intact. Lockplate is marked:  US <over> H. ASTON & MIDDTN <over> CONN <over> 1847. Top of barrel is stamped with US Inspector's initials JCB <over> P with several tiny sub-inspector initials visible on various parts. The left side of the stock has an excellent inspector cartouche opposite the lock plate (see photos) bordered by two sub-inspector initials.

Overall, NRA Antique Very Good+ Condition with the metal turned mostly to a pleasing smooth gray patina. The metal is a little frosty and rougher around the bolster/tang area caused by spark and fulminate residue during the weapon's time of service. As a result, no mfr's date is visible along the upper tang. Otherwise, markings are excellent throughout. Brass hardware is in great shape and nicely aged to a light yellow patina. All screws are in Fine to Excellent condition throughout. Original brass front sight intact. Lock is in excellent working order. Wood is in Fine condition with perfect wood-to-metal fit...never sanded or refinished...shows only light wear. Best of all, the wrist is solid at the handle...never cracked or repaired. I've lost count of all the 1842's I've seen with cracked handles...this one is perfect (see photos). All in all, a nice representative of a US Model 1842 that's well above avg. showing only light use.

Item# 8861




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