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Springfield Model 1888 Trapdoor Rifle

This trapdoor rifle is in Fine condition with an interesting history. The serial number is 111949 and shows up in the Springfield Research website as being issued to Company B of the 18th Infantry on 7/15/1888.  It would be interesting to  find out who this rifle was issued to.  Based on the serial number, its likely this started out its life as a Model 1879 and like many trapdoors was upgraded to the Model 1884 by additions of the Buffington rear sight....what makes this rifle even more significant is that it was further upgraded to the Model 1888 in the year 1891 and issued to the New York State National Guard.  The top of the stock is marked "8" over "NY" over the number "847".  In addition to these markings, the right side of the stock is stamped with a large "8" over the number "409".  Its not very often you can find a trapdoor with two distinct histories and two distinct upgrades to keep it current.   The Trapdoor was the last black powder rifle of the US military to see action mostly in the hands of National Guard troops in both Cuba and the Phillipines during and after the Spanish American War. 

Overall, this rifle is in NRA Antique Fine condition with 75% original blue on the lock and hammer with some freckling.  The barrel retains 80-85% original dulling blue that is starting to brown while the breech block has 50% fading case colors.  The stock is in Very Good plus condition with some light dings and scratches retaining nearly all of its original oil finish.  No chips, cracks, or repairs....perfect wood to metal fit.  Good stock cartouche on the left side opposite the lock is dated "1891", probably the time of its upgrade from the 1884 to the 1888.    The rifle has all of the features of the Model 1888 with late reinforced trigger guard, serrated trigger, Buffington rear sight, trapdoor buttplate, Ramrod bayonet, and even an original hooded front sight. Breech block is marked "Model 1884" which is also correct for both the 1884 and the Model 1888.  Sling and stacking swivels are intact.  The action has loads of bright case colors on the internal faces of the lock...hammer has all three clicks.  Bore is in good condition, bright and shiny with strong rifling with some scattered pits down in the grooves.  All in all, a very nice example of a trapdoor that we know served at least 2 distinct 19th century US military units.

Item# 0208




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