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Springfield 1896 Krag Carbine

This is a nice unaltered Model 1896 Krag carbine with 22" barrel in .30-40 Krag.  The Model 1896 carbine saw extensive use with Cavalry Regiments that served in both Cuba and the Phillipines during the Spanish American War including future US President Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders.   This is a standard carbine with  Saddle ring and bar located on left side of stock. Serial number is 74,986.  It is 24 numbers above another Krag Carbine issued to Roosevelt's 1st US Volunteer Cavalry. Stock cartouche is still visible and dated 1897.    Rear sight ladder is correctly marked with the letter "C" for carbine.  Many of these carbines were later issued to National Guard units which added modifications like sling swivels and/or sold off as surplus to the Civilian market in the 1920's.  As hunting guns, they often lost their handguards, sights were discarded and recoil pads added.  This one however is a nice original and complete example of the 1896 Krag carbine and aside from 110 years passing, its just as it was issued during the Span Am War.

Overall, NRA Antique Very Good condition with the metal surfaces mostly worn to a light grey patina with strong traces of nickelly case colors visible on the frame, magazine, and cover plate.  Traces of fire blue located on the safety and extractor.  The wood is in good condition for a Cavalry weapon, very solid with the exceptions of a crack in the top of the handguard (these are very thin) which has been expertly mended and a small Span-Am era Armorer's or Arsenal splice at the top toe of the buttplate (see photos) Stock shows typical military use with some initials carved into the wood...perhaps by some cavalryman...but fairly smooth overall.   Correctly dated "1897" cartouche is in good condition as is the circled "P" behind the trigger guard. Buttplate has trapdoor for cleaning rod..  Wood has never been sanded with good wood to metal fit.  Very Good Bore.

Item# 0858




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