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Springfield Model 1855 Pistol Carbine w/ Stock

This US Model 1855 Pistol is one of only 4021 made by the Springfield Armory from 1855-1857.  Lock has Maynard's self-priming device, 2 leaf rear sight, lanyard ring on grip cap and sling swivels on front band and should stock.  12" barrel w/captive ramrod in .58 Caliber and 3 groove rifling.  A good many of these found their way into bot the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War.  The original design concept was so that a cavalryman could work with the pistol on horseback but be able to convert it to the carbine configuration for dismounted fighting by attaching the shoulder stock.  However, reports from the field were not too favorable.  In spite of the drawbacks, a number of 1855's were still in service going into the year 1863. According to "Cavalry Carbines of the U.S. Cavalry 1861-1905", the Union Army's quarterly field report taken on December 31, 1862 reports 400 Springfield Pistol Carbines were still in service.  Given some evidence from surviving photographs taken during the war, we also know that the 1855 did find its way into Confederate Cavalry regiments as well. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique VG+ Condition.  This one looks good enough to go on display in a museum. Lockplate is dated 1856 with "US" over "Springfield" towards the front of the plate.  The Eagle on the door for the Maynard priming device is partially gone from spark corrosion from percussion ignition.  Perhaps about 60% visible.  The metal is still mostly bright with nearly perfect markings, tight wood to metal fit, and very sharp.   Metal is nice and smooth overall with some light corrosion from sparks around the bolster and the adjoining areas along the barrel.  The action works perfectly and the bore is in Excellent condition.  The walnut wood on the pistol is in Fine+ condition with no cracks or repairs.  Very Good US inspector's cartouche on the left side (see photos). The detachable stock is also in Very Good condition and matches the pistol in both appearance and overall condition.  Nice brass furniture throughout.  A scarce and very collectible example of one of the few handguns ever built by the Springfield Armory.

Item# 0862




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