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Span-Am War Photo of US Cavalry & Colt Revolvers...Rough Riders???

This is an old original Spanish American War era Photograph of what appears to be several U.S. Cavalryman gathered around their tent with their dog mascot.  Given the barren topography, this appears to have been taken out West and in somewhat cold weather.   At least six of them are wearing holsters with Colt revolvers.  Under a glass, you can see the "US" stamps on their holsters and that their revolvers are either Single Actions or DA's without lanyards in the bottomstraps. As you can see, they are wearing their late 1890's vintage tan uniforms with blue shirts and spats over their boots....just like Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders.   The photo measures 7x5" without the black matte.  The photo is in good condition overall except for a red ink stain...which I believe can be removed if placed in the proper hands.  The matte is in poor shape with a damage to 2 corners and a small tear...if trimmed down, this would look much better.

Item# 0329




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