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Smith & Wesson Pocket DA Revolver w/ Orig. Long Range Barrel

This is a rather unusual S&W Double Action Pocket Fourth Model Revolver.  Antique SN# 131,000 range. Circa late 1880's to early 1890s.  Its in .32 Caliber w/five shot cylinder, nickel finish, hard rubber grips, and comes with a special order 6" barrel.  Six inches may not sound over-length but it proportions out to something like a Colt Buntline when you see one of these on a pocket revolver.  These are not unheard of...but they are pretty scarce.  The last one we found was about 6 years ago and nearly identical to this one but in a holster. I have yet to find one with a larger barrel in spite of the fact that Flayderman's Guide notes they could be ordered up to 10". 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 95% original nickel that has never been cleaned or polished.  As a result, the nickel has a nice milky toned down glow to it.  These will polish back up to bright and shiny with a little rubbing but its hard to beat the look it has right now.  The trigger guard and barrel latch still have most of their original blue.  Hammer and trigger still show most of their strong original case colors.  Grips are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  The numbers match on the barrel, frame, cylinder, and grips.  The barrel latch does not match but its pretty close...only about 5500 numbers away and looks to have been on this revolver a very long time.  It latches the barrel to the frame tightly with no wiggle or play.  Action works perfect in both single and double action modes.  Automatic cartridge ejector still works properly when action is opened.  Bore is Excellent+...still bright and shiny like new.  A nice example of an antique Smith and Wesson Pocket with a scarce barrel length.

Item# 0925




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