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Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army Revolver

This is an untouched example of a Smith & Wesson Model Number Two Army Revolver.   Caliber .32 rimfire w/ 6-shot cylinder.   6" octagonal barrel.   Blued finish with case hardened hammer and rosewood grips.   The Model 2 was S&W's largest revolver during the 1860's with many seeing service in the Civil War and use in the American West.   General George Armstrong Custer owned a pair as did Wild Bill Hickok.   It's purported that Hickok was carrying his Model 2 the night he was killed while playing cards in August 1874.   The serial number in the 73,000 range...circa 1873-74.

Overall, NRA Antique Fine Plus Condition with 85-90% original blue on the frame.   The blue on the barrel and cylinder is there but turning over to a pleasing patina.   Excellent markings throughout.   Very Good screws and pins throughout.  Hammer has mostly hazed over from silver to a brown patina with 10% case colors still visible.  The rosewood grips are fantastic and completely untouched...still orangeish red in color with most of the original varnish intact.   Note the eye-catching dark growth rings on the left grip.   Action works properly.   Barrel locks up to the frame well with some slight play.   Fine bore with strong lands and grooves...still semi-bright.   A very attractive looking No. 2 S&W.

Item# 8741




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